In 2009, Rickson Kihleng, a dear friend and veteran missionary to Pohnpei asked me to pray about going to Pohnpei to translate the Bible into their language. After much prayer, and with the encoruagement and support of our church, my wife and I went on a survey trip to Pohnpei in July of 2009. It was a blessing to spend time with our friends from college and to see what the Lord has done for them, and through them all these years.

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During our stay I had the priviledge of preaching in several services and we were able to meet pastors, attend a baptismal service, and participate in the music program and youth activities. While we were there the Lord, though His Word and through specific answers to prayer, confirmed to us His will for us to minister there.

We are currently at 64% of
our needed support.
  • For wisdom and direction in scheduling meetings
  • For safety while traveling
  • For liberty while preaching
  • For us to be an encouragement and blessing to each church
  • To be on the field by the end of 2012
  • The opportunity to serve the Lord in missions
  • Safety while traveling
  • Our supporting churches