Being reared in a Christian home I went to church every service. When I was five I saw that Christ personally died for me...for my sins. At age 12, I surrendered my life to the Lord and at age 18, I surrendered to full-time ministry. The next year I had the opportunity to begin my preparation at Ambassador Baptist College in Lattimore, NC where I received thorough Bible teaching, practical missions training, and extensive instruction in the Biblical languages of Hebrew and Greek. This will all be beneficial for the ministry to which the Lord has now called us. In 1994 I graduated with a missions major from Ambassador and that summer married my wonderful partner and wife.
I grew up in a loving, Godly home. At five years of age I realized that even though I had Christian parents, went to church, and loved Bible stories, I was still a sinner and my sin would separate me from God forever. I asked Jesus Christ to be my Savior and to forgive and cleanse me of my sin. As a young girl I had a desire to be a missionary and surrendered to do whatever the Lord wanted for my life. I had the privilege of attending Ambassador Baptist College and graduated in 1997. In the following years the Lord blessed us with five children. Though my primary ministry is to my husband and children, I am excited about the opportunity to serve the people of the island of Pohnpei for Christís sake.

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